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    Thank you for joining the Save Childhood Movement. We are a growing force of parents, teachers and Early Years specialists who want to help raise awareness about the pressures on modern childhood and to develop more human-focused and family friendly solutions. We are not externally funded and regular membership contributions are an essential element in making this happen!

    What have we done so far? 

    We launched as a Not-for-Profit Company Limited by Guarantee in April 2013 and have, until now, been a totally voluntary organisation with minimal external funding. Since the launch people have donated thousands of hours of their time and expertise to help us grow.

    In 2013 we achieved national coverage for the launch of the Too Much Too Soon Campaign

    We quickly gained the support of a multidisciplinary Advisory Board (forty globally renowned experts)

    In 2014 we established National Children’s Day UK (NCDUK) as a nationally significant annual event. We have been awarded two small National Lottery Grants to help develop the day and in 2016 we achieved a Facebook reach of 3.2 million and helped raise £540,000 for disadvantaged children.

    We have developed a large number of successful collaborations and partnerships

    We attracted the support of high profile ambassadors including the National Children’s Laureate and the Children’s Dramatist.

    We published a number of highly regarded publications including the Putting Children First’ Manifesto and the ‘Children’s Outdoor Charter of Rights.

    We led the strategic development of the highly successful English Early Years Coalition behind the Better without Baseline Campaign

    We have just launched our new E-Zine SCM Voice

    What are we planning for the future?

    • We have spent a year bringing together sixty amazing speakers for the first International Festival of Childhood (IFC2017). We hope that this will be the first step in initiating a national debate about the current pressures on early childhood in the UK and how we can create a more child-friendly world.
    • We want to further develop National Children's Day UK

    • We are developing our membership site and want to find lots of ways that parents and teachers can actively get engaged in sharing ideas/running local actions groups and helping to shape solutions

    • We want to help identify and promote political models that put the wellbeing of children and families first

    • We need to consolidate our core team and ensure that we can grow the activities of the movement in a steady and sustainable way (that means some essential members of our team need to now be paid)

    One of the things that we are currently exploring is how we can actively engage members in sharing their own visions for a 'World fit for Children'. We would therefore be grateful if you could tell us a little more about your own background so that we can better understand who is joining and how best we can connect everyone.

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    We want to start more actively connecting all the people that care about the issues that we have been highlighting - so this is our new membership platform and we hope that you will want to join us. Just scroll down to register.

    You can sign up as an organisation or an individual and, although we have made membership as accessible as possible, we do need to grow our activities so we are asking everyone to consider making a small one-off or monthly contribution to help us to do so. Until now we have been a small and totally voluntary team, but we have big ideas and need to now secure our key members of staff and cover our development costs.

    Organisational members
    Actively collaborate and work with us
    Share their own thoughts and ideas and help us to shape solutions
    Benefit from our joint media activities and global networking 

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    Individual members

    Have their own membership communications manager
    Have regular updates about our new projects and publications
    Will soon be able to set up their own local networks and action groups

    To sign up as an individual, please scroll down and fill in the form - you will then be led to a page where you can tell us a little more about yourself (which helps us understand your own interests and priorities), followed by the contributions page.

    If you have any problems please let us know as the site is still very new and we are keen to spot any bugs!

    and please note that we are currently all volunteers who want to see change happen, so sometimes it may take a while for us to get back to you



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  • SCM Membership

    The active support of our members is vital for our ongoing work. It enables us further explore and develop all the exciting ideas that we have - and to forge strong, global collaborations focused on the importance of early nurture and the development of healthy, happy and sustainable families and communities

    £3 a month may only be the price of a cup of coffee, but it can also help shape a happier world for families and children.

    Please note that you do not need to sign-up to a Paypal account to pay by credit card